‘Kirstin was born to work with animals and lucky for them she does!

All animals love and understand her and irrespective of the time frame given for stills or film, she achieves the desired result every time.

Having worked with KirstIn many, many times with a range of animals over the past 20 years I can see how her talent combined with her love and respect for all creatures great and small makes her absolutely the best in the business'.

Katy Young - Senior Stills and Film Producer


‘When working with animals over the last 18 years, Kirstin has been my go-to wrangler. Great preparation is integral to a smooth production and Kirstin really goes the full mile. Animals are expertly sourced and trained for prescribed actions and tolerances with only the very best welfare for the animal considered. Kirstin is the most professional of all wranglers I have worked with due to thorough preparation coupled with expert handling and a genuine love of animals. Kirstins’ ability to whisper all animals to perform to a brief is second to none. Who would believe a goat would tolerate a beautiful green tree frog to hang out on its head! Time on set is precious and with Kirstin, working with animals is a joy and a breeze’.

Fiona Watson - Executive Producer of Fiona Watson Production

‘When it comes to training animals for filming, Kirstin always manages to offer up a great performance, which, for me, is like some kind of crazy magic!  And in a world of very demanding shoot conditions, Kirstin and her team at Kirsko believe the welfare and dignity of the animals is paramount. This, for me, is a perfect storm in order to achieve something special!’.

Hamish Rothwell - Director

I’ve worked with Kirstin for over 20 years, she is my go-to animal trainer whenever I am quoting or doing a job with animals. Kirstin has always been helpful and knowledgeable with any of my crazy requests. We have worked with emu’s, black swans, a wombat and a kid goat, all in a lift! From horses rearing in studios, camels in the desert, and even a request for echidna’s crossing the road it’s always been a pleasure to work with Kirstin’.

Catherine Warner - Producer

‘I have engaged Kirsko Film Animals to train and supply a wide range of animals for feature films since 2001. Kirstin and her team always supply happy healthy animals that are well trained for their performances, as such we get the planned shots and more with a minimum fuss’.

Ian Gracie - Production Designer

‘Kirstin and her team from Kirsko have worked with me on many and varied projects for over a decade. Whether it be Korean village animals for the Northern Korean village on Stealth, to the Tasmanian whimsical washing-eating goat for Goddess, to the raggedy mutt from a 2030 Santa Monica slum for Pacific Rim Uprising. Kirstin’s animal casting and training always hits the spot’.

Charlie Revai - Production Designer

‘With shooting time so tight it’s important that animals are well trained in advance and get it right as quickly as possible. That happens with Kirstin, and of course her animals.’

Peter Cherry - Director

‘Kirstin and her team at Kirsko have been incredibly helpful in sourcing, managing and training the animals we require on Home & Away. Everything from snakes to our resident pooch, Buddy, and she has been great at advising us of any of the protocols that come with filming with animals’.

Amanda Sallybanks – Production Designer

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