From Michael Bourchier, Executive Producer of Blink Films to whom Kirsko supplied a wide variety of animals over a period of 25 weeks for ‘Out There 1’ and ‘Out There 2’ (which won an AFI award and a Logie consecutively):

‘Whether it was native, domestic or foreign animals, Kirsko seemed to have endless access to well behaved animals. Whether it was carrying a goanna or a 3 metre scrub python, the animals arrived prepared for our young cast and were handled with safety and compassion.’

From Director Pete Cherry to whom we supplied animals for the television commercials ‘Nifty’ (Schnauzer), ‘Omnitel’ (Police Horses), ‘Coca Cola’ (6 Camels), ‘Holden Astra’ (rearing horse) and ‘McDonalds’ (Andalusian Stallion):

‘With shooting time so tight these days it’s important that animals are well trained in advance, and get it right as quickly as possible. That happens with Kirstin, and of course her animals.’

From Ron Windon ACS, Ron Windon Productions, Sydney – Australia

‘Kirsko Animals have always done a superb job. I can therefore highly recommend Kirstin and her team to anyone seeking the best in animal casting and handling.’

From Bruce Allan – Director excerpt from Director’s treatment for the Jalna Joghurt Television Commercial:

‘Our Animal Trainer (Kirstin) will train the cows for each scene for 2 weeks prior to the shoot. We have every confidence in her ability as she has trained cows in the past. She believes cows respond better than horses and she would have to be the No.1 horse trainer in the Australian film industry.’