Feature films such as Jindabyne (dog and guinea pigs), Stealth (goats, pigs, ducks, chooks), Fat Pizza (dog), D anny Deckchair (pigeons), The Rage in Placid Lake (dog), The Three Stooges (dogs), Invincibles (pigeons), The Quiet American (dog, monkey, pigs, snakes), Minder (stunt work), Mullet (dogs, chooks), The Goddess of 67, (dingos, shingle back lizard), Soft Fruit (pigeons), Babe II, Oscar & Lucinda, The Island of Dr Moreau, Frauds.

Television series such as Chasing Nature (golden orb spiders), Home and Away (rats, horses, guard dogs, feral dog), Logie and AFI winning Out There I & II (many different animals perfor ming many behaviours), Australia’s Worst Driver (cattle, horse), Jeopardy, Rove Live, Totally Wild, The Big Cheez, Andrew Denton Show.

Television commercials such as Inghams Chicken (2 ragdoll cats), Dell-USA (kangaroo joey), Westfield (White Horse), Jalna Joghurt (2 Friesian cows), Friskies (6 cats), Masterfoods (kangaroo and sheep), Lotto (5 chooks), Chef – USA (cat), Optus X-Factor (deer, fox, lamb, camel, miniature horse, monkey), Raine & Horne (kelpie), Alavert – USA (horse), Sultana Bran (31 goats), Proheart (boxer dog), Nissan 4WD (foal trapped under branch in rain), Panasonic (numerous young animals – exotic), Optus (elephants, zebra, horse, wom bat), Cougar Bourboun (Friesian cow), Dettol Soap (australian cattle dog), Nokia –Singapore (2 white jumping horses), My Dog (West Highland white terrier), Medicare (3 dogs, cat, budgerigar), Campbells Soup (Burmese cat), Spray and Wipe (pigs), Royal Easter Show (donkey, silkie chooks, rats, horses, dog), Huggies –USA (Great Dane and English bull dogs), Levis (ferocious bull), Bonds (border collie), Pioneer – Japan (Jack Russell terrier), King Gee (Australian cattle dog), Sultana Bran (kelpie), Paxil –USA (horse), David Jones (Jersey cow, pheasant, chooks), Cara –Korea (cat), Books Alive (cane toad), Telstra (sea gulls, pelicans, kelpie), Antz Pantz (echidna, sugar ants), PBC –USA (skunk), Children’s Mission Partners (doves), Fujitsu (Afghan), Bundaberg Rum (goats), Pine O Clean Wipes, Radio 1-Japan, Metamucil, Solo, Kleenex Toilet Paper, Nestle, Norgan Dazs, K-mart, Archers, Daewoo, Qantas, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, Heinz – Canada (ducks), Powerade, Kirin, NRMA, Coca Cola (6 camels), Toyota ‘Bugger’, ‘V’, Nova 96.9, Westpac, Soothers, Neutrogena, Mars, Siemens (ridden ostrich), Berocca, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Holden, Pluravit, RSPCA, Rams, UPS, Westpac, Capstar, Kelloggs, Mercedes, Yoplai, American Express, Victorian Greyhound Racing.

Stills advertisements such as AGL (West Highland white terrier), Jalna Joghurt (Friesian cow), Friskies (3 Cats), Sydney Morning Herald (Cavoodle), HSBC Insurance (beagle), Various Kleenex shots eg Cottonelle (labradore puppies), Purina (Weime rana dog & Burmese cat), Optus (elephant), Toyota Prado (giraffe, horse), TV Week, Bulletin (bull, ragdoll cat, fox, chooks), Air New Zealand (sheep), Pedigree (4 greyhounds, Kelpie), Polaroid (boxer), Advance (Burmese cats, dachshund, Golden Retriever), Butter Menthol (bees), City Rail, Yahoo, Sony, My Dog, Boag, Sanceila, Country Road, Kilkenny, Timms, Mitsubushi, Sony (mouse), Stayfree.

Live Shows such as the balloon blowing donkey at the Royal Easter Show – 2004. Radio programs such as the Fear Factor series and Cunning Stunts series.

Events such as Lord of the Rings, Dairy Corporation Day, African Theme (lion, monkey), Brazilian Theme (mackaw, large snake, crocodile) etc.

Have performed as a Stunt Actor for shows such as: Super Man (Rock Climbing), All Saints (driving scene), Home and Away (driving scene and car dodging scene), Nowhere To Land (jumping out of jet), Outriders (falling off galloping horse), Minder (car hit), Water Rats (various fight scenes), Salute of the Jugger (heights), Tanemera (fight scene), Commonwealth Bank TVC (stunt horserider).