About Us

Kirstin Feddersen BSc is the director of Kirsko Film Animals Pty Ltd, Kirstin spent five years at Sydney University studying Animal Behaviour and then five years in the Veterinary Industry learning how to care properly for animals. In 2000 she won a Churchill Fellowship which allowed her to spend 10 wks in America working with some of the most talented Film Animal Trainers in the world. Since then, she returns to California every year to further her knowledge of the training of film animals.

Kirstin is also a stunt actor. This gives her a thorough knowledge of the stunt industry and an essential edge when Kirsko Film Animals work with stunt actors.

Kirsko Film Animals are all trained in a positive way. They are rewarded for showing the behaviours that are wanted. Rewards can be food, play or affection. Every animal is fed on the best possible diet for that individual and housed in the most suitable enclosure. We believe that if the animal enjoys its work, the finished product will be a better one. Kirsko Film Animals glow with health and happiness.

At Kirsko Film Animals we train all types of animals to do any behaviour that is physically possible for that animal. We love a challenge! With our list of contacts overseas, if the animal is not found in Australia, in most cases, we can bring it in for the job. We have done a lot of big cat work with Steve Martin’s Working Wildlife in California. Among many other exotics, he has extremely well trained leopards, lions, tigers and cougars. We are planning to import a black leopard and a spotted leopard to live on our premises in Australia on a permanent basis as soon as possible. They will be bought as cubs and trained from an early age.

We have also done a lot of liberty work with horses and have our own team of film-trained horses that rear, fall, smile, mark, etc. Most of our team were born on the premises, their breeding being selected especially for the film industry. When they are not working, they are out playing in their paddock or running at liberty on the trails of nearby forests where they kick up their heels and enjoy life!